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The external fire fighting system (fi-fi system), is fully integrated with the vessel. Power source is very often the main engine to utilize the vacant power during station keeping and manoeuvring during fire fighting operations. The power is transferred to the pumps via remote operated clutch and necessary transmission.

On ships with fixed propellers a dedicated diesel driver or electrical or hydraulic driver may be used to avoid impact from ships operation to the fi-fi system.

The pumps are normally located in the engine room below water line for best possible performance via suction line design. They deliver water to the discharge pipe going all the way up to the monitor on top of the bridge or similar good position.

The water jet is created in the monitor outlet by pressing water at optimum speed trough the special designed monitor nozzle.

The reaction force must be compensated by the vessel propulsion and manoeuvring system for station keeping.

The system may also include self-protection deluge system (Water Spray) with water taken from the fi-fi pumps and / or various types of foam systems.

It is important to have the complete system operation in mind during design process for optimum performance at minimum power consumption and equipment cost.

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