Fire Fighting Systems AS (FFS) can supply complete packages for large water capacities to be used for example in refineries, tank farms, industrial plants, jetties and storage facilities. A typical system will normally include pumps and fire water monitors + control system. Additionally there could be valves, foam mixing equipment etc. Components like fire water monitors can either be permanently installed or mounted on mobile units. A fire water monitor can have capacity exceeding 4000 m³/h (>66000 l/min)

FFS has a history of almost 20 years as a leading supplier to the marine industry. Using products designed for demanding marine environment regarding corrosion resistance, robust design and ease of operation, ensures excellent performance and reliability in OnShore applications.

FFS can provide complete technical solutions including system engineering, reducing the customer’s need to use expensive external consultants. The FFS head office in Norway has a staff of highly qualified engineers covering fluid engineering as well as system design. The FFS engineering package will typically include calculations of needed capacity, pressure losses, NPSH requirements and power consumption. Drawings for installation and user manuals are also included. In this way all water consumer will get right pressure and capacity, and the complete system will have a green profile by keeping the power consumption at a minimum. FFS will normally give performance guarantee for a complete firefighting system.

Recent News
January 2016

Commissioning of FFS equipment in German tank farm

January 2015

Åmål factory ISO 9001 certified.